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Welcome to Vectorials!

My name is Julien, as in King Julien! I'm not a lemur, though; I am an studentpreneur who is desperately trying to succeed in this harsh world :)

Actually, I am not that desperate. I help people solve their computer-related problems (both hardware and software), so I earn a decent amount of money.

This site is supposed to be the initial phase of a much larger project; a paid tech portal that will help people fix computer issues by themselves. So, be sure to read my tutorials while access is still free!

Truth be told, I don't plan to ask any money in exchange for my tips and guides. I thought that they may help me land more clients by demonstrating my expertise, though. And this is not a joke!

So, take a good look around. I have posted several interesting articles right here, on this page. And if you like what you see, be sure to share the url of this website with your friends and family. Yeah, tell grandpa Buck about it as well :)

Computer Articles

Choosing Your First Linux Distribution

So, you are ready to start exploring the wonderful world of Linux! That's a good choice, because even Microsoft, the maker of Windows, is now utilizing Linux for some of its own projects. It's not surprising, considering the fact that Linux has already proven itself as a solid operating system that can run on low-end hardware without causing any problems.

In fact, "Linux" is not an operating system, but the name of the kernel which is used to build the various operating system distributions that utilize it. A fully-fledged Linux distribution also includes lots of third-party tools and libraries; otherwise, you would be unable to display anything on the monitor, or get any input from the user's interaction with the keyboard and mouse.




Best Methods that Help Boost Wi-Fi Signal

If you are the proud owner of an expensive router, your Internet connected devices have plenty of Wi-Fi signal. At least, this is what should happen until they are moved more than 20...30 feet away from the router! But then, no matter how great your router is, signal strength will start to decrease fast due to several factors. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase Wi-Fi signal strength. Here are the most effective methods, and I guarantee that they won't cost you too much. In fact, the last method can be applied by using an item that can be found in any home.

1. Reorient the router antennas. If your device has two or more antennas, you should reorient them, pointing them towards the room(s) that could benefit from a Wi-Fi signal increase. Consider moving the router as well, and maybe even placing it in a different room. The alternative is to detach the router antennas from their sockets, and then reconnect them using compatible cables. This will offer you a much greater flexibility, and may even help you hide the router in a closet, without diminishing its performance.


How to Back Up Your Computer Data

Everyone agrees that data backups are important! And yet, very few people think about it seriously until disaster strikes. If you are like most people, you have probably lost important computer data at some point in your life. Maybe you've lost the installation kit of an expensive piece of software, your wedding photos, etc. and you wouldn't want to go through that ordeal once again. So, let's explore the easiest, and yet most effective ways of backing up your computer data.

But first, let's ask this key question: what data do you want to have backed up? There is no point in saving program installation folders, as long as you've got access to the installation kits, for example. So, if you don't know what data to keep, my suggestion is to start with your personal files. Think about important documents, photos, music, videos, expensive software applications kits, etc.




How to Keep Your Android Phone Safe

Back in the day, iPhones were thought to be safe. And yet, a recent iOS version was hacked in only 24 hours! Well, at least Linux is known to be a safer OS, so Android, the popular mobile operating system which utilizes a Linux-based kernel, should be safe as well, right?

The answer is... no. Millions of people have downloaded malware from Google's Play Store on their devices last year. Why? Because some of these bad apps managed to remain undetected for many months. Often, their creators disguise the apps as "guides" for popular applications or games, as system cleaners, memory boosters, and so on. However, these apps include malware components such as FalseGuide, which can build a botnet out of the infected devices, while bombarding their users with ads that earn the malware makers a lot of money.



Need to have your computer fixed?

I can do it for you, remotely!

Windows comes with built-in remote diagnosis and administration tools, and I can use them to fix any hardware and software-related problems that you may have. And since I am a student, my prices are very affordable.


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